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Active Curecoin Contributors: 661*


Curecoin Compute Power: 9,716.94 x86 TFLOPS**

What is Curecoin?

Curecoin is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency built on the Folding@Home project managed by Stanford University. The Folding@Home project is a distributed computing project that focuses on disease research through the simulation of protein folding (pictured above). Contributors to the Folding@Home project are able to earn Curecoin (CURE) when folding through the Curecoin team. Curecoin exists as a means of compensation for computing resources used for this scientific research. Curecoin can be "mined" on any computer by any individual willing to help contribute. 

Daily Distribution

Curecoin Per Day

Curecoin is a 100-year project with an expected final supply of 27,069,500 CURE. 2% of the total supply was distributed to initial investors during the ICO in Q1 of 2014. The remaining supply (98%) is dedicated for distribution over the 100-year project lifespan. Curecoin has a ongoing distribution ratio of 76/19/3 as outlined below.

  • 76% is distributed to Folding participants.
  • 19% is distributed to SHA256 and Proof-of-Stake participants.
  • 3% is distributed to the Curecoin team for project development.

The Curecoin currency outline can be found here. The Curecoin blockchain can be viewed on CryptoID (beta).

*Statistics updated 5/25/2017. **TFLOPS are the actual teraflops from the software cores, not the peak values from CPU or GPU specs. 

Curecoin News

Curecoin: Our Past, Present, and Future.

This post contains part of the letter sent  by the Curecoin Team to Poloniex Exchange in response to the delisting:

Curecoin is a research-based cryptocurrency that is built on top of a system with a net-positive social benefit. Curecoin’s project is to better society by rewarding members using their CPU/GPU cycles to further medical research. Curecoin currently has 6,699 total participants on the Folding@Home network. Curecoin is the largest present contributor to the Folding@Home project, significantly impacting research across numerous diseases including various cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, infectious disease and more, with recent research focusing on investigating properties of opiates and antidepressants.

See a list of the academic papers produced since Curecoin was launched.

article continued on our Dev Blog.


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