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The Curecoin has consistently remained one of the largest contributing teams to the Folding@Home project. In under 3 years, Curecoin was able to reach the #2 spot in total contributions, competing against teams with more than a decade of lead time.

Team growth over time has remained consistently positive, with large influx of new members seen in Q2 of 2017. Future growth will largely be determined by currency performance, strategic partnerships, and the increased attention in the altcoin space.

Peer-reviewed research from the Stanford team can be found on the Folding@Home site: PAPERS & RESULTS

Work Units Completed

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Project Work Units (WU)

Work units are individual project packages processed by contributors to the Folding@Home project. A single WU consists of a protein folding simulation that is processed and sent back to the team at Pande Labs and Stanford University.

Research Points

Total Research Points by Month

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Research Points

Research points signify the total value of contribution for individual work units. Large work units are rewarded with more points.

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