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The Wallet

Where to securely store your Curecoin.

Download the Curecoin Wallet

Windows (Portable) - Download

Windows (Installer) - Download

Mac OSX - Download

Linux / Source - GitHub Source


Mobile Wallet

Android (via CoinPayments) - Download

iOS (via CoinPayments) - Download

Wallet Minting 

Earn Interest by holding Curecoin (Proof of Stake)

Curecoin has a Proof of Stake component which lets you earn extra coins while helping the to keep network secure.

Staking can be enabled by opening a Curecoin wallet The coins in your wallet must be at least 30+ days old in order to earn a stake.

If your wallet is locked with a password you will see a message that says “Not staking because wallet is encrypted”. In order to decrypt your wallet go to the console option and type the following:

walletpassphrase YourPassWordHere 99999999 true (items in bold italics are unique to your wallet)

In a moment the locked message will go away. Your wallet is now staking.

Hint – It can take up to 3 months to earn a stake for holding a balance. Coin age and wallet balance are factors in determining your odds of receiving a stake. Adding more coins to your wallet will increase your stake weight.